Helping shoulder the weight of change & growth.

We help businesses and nonprofits accelerate, sustain and maintain change to inspire growth and innovation.

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Yoked Ventures partners with business and nonprofit leaders to uncover key challenges and opportunities for transformative change and growth. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients, guiding them through the complexities of change to achieve lasting and impactful transformation.

Why a Yoke? — A yoke is a wooden beam used to connect a pair of oxen, allowing them to pull heavy loads together, far more than they could alone. At Yoked Ventures, we join forces with leaders to share the burden of change and growth, much like a yoke supports oxen.

Solution #1

Total Growth Solution

Ideal for organizations that require extensive support to navigate large-scale changes, sustain growth, and ensure long-term success.

Embedded Partnership

Acceleration Stage

Impact To Your Org:

Experience accelerated change with increased efficiency and productivity through regular meetings and on-site visits, benefiting from a focused, strategic approach.

Yoked’s Involvement:

We embed within your team, gather information, build rapport, define challenges, develop strategies, and ensure alignment and ongoing progress to achieve your goals.


Sustain Stage

Impact To Your Org:

Solidify changes, embedding them into the organization's culture for long-term benefits like improved performance and adaptability.

Yoked’s Involvement:

We provide ongoing support to reinforce new practices, monitor progress, gather feedback, and make necessary adjustments to ensure lasting impact.


Maintain Stage

Impact To Your Org:

Sustain positive changes for long-term relevance and effectiveness, leading to increased resilience and performance.

Yoked’s Involvement:

We offer continuous support through coaching, monitoring, and evaluations, identifying areas for improvement and providing tailored resources to ensure ongoing success.

Solution #2

Yoked Executive Coaching

Ideal for leaders who need focused, one-on-one coaching to address specific leadership challenges and drive your vision and team forward.

Executive Coaching for Transformational Growth

For leaders seeking a strategic partner to address specific challenges and achieve impactful results, our one-on-one coaching solution offers personalized support to enhance your leadership skills and drive your vision forward with focus.

Experience a tailored executive coaching program designed to empower business and nonprofit leaders to create profound impact, sharpen leadership skills, and achieve scalable success. Together, we'll build a future where your vision is clear, your team excels, and your mission flourishes.

What do you get?

  • Personalized coaching sessions with Johnny 2x per month
  • Tailored guidance and support based on your specific needs and goals
  • Strategies for achieving measurable results and scalable success
  • Access to Johnny's extensive experience, insights and resources
  • Ongoing support and accountability to help you reach your goals

$2.4 million in 24 months.

“Johnny's exceptional personal closed revenue stands at an astonishing $2.4 million in just over 12 months, a testament to his natural aptitude and dedication.”

Michael Hyatt

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Supercharge your revenue generation.

“If you want a rock-solid strategy to powerfully engage your clients, turn them into raving fans, and super-charge your revenue generation, Johnny is your guy. Do yourself a favor and give your organization the gift of Johnny’s wisdom, passion, and demonstrated track record of delivering results.”

Megan Hyatt Miller

CEO of Full Focus

A tremendous resource.

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Johnny for the past 2 years and my business and personal life have experienced incredible growth. He’s held me accountable to my goals and served as a tremendous resource that I’ll be forever grateful for.”

Harif Hazera

Luxury Real Estate Advisor with Premier Sotheby’s International Realty

Unlock value.

"I've seen first-hand how Johnny blends a strategic perspective with his secret gift of quickly establishing a personal and truly genuine connection with people. If your team is stuck, looking for a different direction, has a desire or needs to grow quickly I am certain Johnny will be able to unlock value in your current product offering and sales process."

Bruce Wiseman

CEO of Business Development Resources, Inc.

Feel heard and seen.

“When working with Johnny, I always feel heard and seen. I never feel like a number, but more like a longtime friend."

Kyle Coolbroth

Cothinkr - Founder and Chief Cothinker l Design Thinking Coach l Speaker l Serial Entrepreneur

An invaluable contribution.

“In launching our own nonprofit this year, Johnny’s guidance and coaching has been an invaluable contribution to a successful year. We are excited about his continued leadership with our team and helping us accomplish all of our goals. ”

Wayne & Stacey Dickens

Founders of Athletes United and Southern Methodist University Football Character Coach

An asset to any organization.

“Johnny is an incredible leader and self starter. He’s an asset to any organization. He will always fight for the customer and be an advocate for their transformation. He has a high degree of ownership in his results and will find creative ways to outperform his goals and go above and beyond.”

Chad Cannon

SVP, Sales & Marketing at Business Made Simple & StoryBrand

A true partner.

“I started working with Johnny about 8 months ago and wouldn't have made the progress we have made in our business without him. He has helped push us in areas we need to pushed and has brought continued resources and partners to the table. He has a vast network of people and seems to be able to bring partners to the table when needed. He is also a true partner who is thinking about your business as if it were his own.”

Chad Cartier

Founding Partner at Covenant Wealth Advisers

Six distinctives of Yoked Ventures.

Shared Burden, Shared Success

We shoulder the weight of change alongside our clients, ensuring impactful and lasting transformation.

Strategic Phasing

Our phased approach accelerates change when needed and scales back as transformation takes hold, ensuring efficiency and maximum value.

Focused Approach

We use powerful tools to identify core challenges and opportunities, guiding organizations through change with clarity and purpose.


We prioritize understanding each client’s unique needs and goals, tailoring solutions to their specific challenges.


Trust is the cornerstone of our work, fostering open communication and shared goals for transformative change.

Driven by Outcomes

We are committed to delivering measurable results, helping our clients achieve their goals and drive success.

Behind the brand.

Meet Johnny Poole, founder and owner of Nashville-based Yoked Ventures. Johnny's diverse experiences and dynamic professional journey have prepared him to lead through all kinds of situations and challenges.

From launching a lawn mowing business at 10 to earning a marketing degree at Jacksonville State University, Johnny's path has been marked by entrepreneurial spirit and a commitment to excellence. His roles in construction work, Procter & Gamble, and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) have honed his operational, management, and community-building skills. In Bellingham, WA, Johnny spent 8 years establishing FCA in a new region, growing in relationship-building, fundraising, and strategic development and partnerships.

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Transitioning to project based leadership, Johnny spearheaded initiatives such as hurricane relief in Houston and collaborated on Phoenix's light rail expansion. His success in business development and sales with Michael Hyatt's coaching division, where he contributed to $8M in revenue, underscores his ability to drive growth in a fast paced and changing environment.

Johnny has had conversations with over 10,000 business owners and non-profit leaders, gaining invaluable insights and perspectives. His top StrengthsFinder traits—connectedness, strategic, achiever, positivity, ideation, intellection, developer and activator—make him a natural leader and problem solver.

Now, as the leader of Yoked Ventures, Johnny leverages his extensive background to guide leaders and organizations towards breakthrough. His deep understanding of diverse industries and unwavering commitment to results make him an invaluable partner in overcoming challenges and helping organizations reach their highest potential.

Johnny cherishes moments with his wife, Janell, and their three daughters Jayne, Jaimee, and Jordyn (and soon to be son). He loves coaching his daughters in sports, enjoying all things New York City, and traveling to engage with new cultures. His interests include specialty coffee, all things Jordan brand and shoes, and enjoying good food and drinks with good people. A passionate connector, Johnny's deepest passion lies in his relationship with Jesus, the renewer of all things.

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